Bus Electrical Systems Servicing and Repairs in Mackay

Buses — Auto Electrical in Beaconsfield, QLD
Buses are about more than just getting people around. Entire cities run on them. From public transportation that helps individuals get to work, the grocery store, or even doctor's visits to the school bus system that allows children to get to and from school safely and on time - buses are a big part of what makes our cities operate.

When their electrical system goes down, we're the pros you need to call to get them back on the road. Our bus electrician can pinpoint problems and fix them quickly and effectively to get things running again. Whether your vehicle needs an entirely new battery or alternator, or there is simply a small issue with lighting or the air conditioning, we can help you locate the problem and find the solution.

What is an auto electrical expert?

An auto electrician is someone who specialises in the electrical system of a moving vehicle, such as a car or truck. It's very similar to the way a conventional electrician specialises in installing and repairing electrical systems in buildings. Our specialists have more 37 years of experience in handling electrical issues in cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, buses and machinery.

Do I need to hire a bus electrician?

Even if you have some mechanical skills, the electrical system is a whole separate issue. There are intricate parts in place that can be difficult to pinpoint if you don't have training in this area of automotive repair.

We not only offer electrical repairs, but we will also repair any bus' air conditioning system as well. Have an issue you want to discuss? Give us a quick call, send over an email or come down to our Beaconsfield workshop. We're happy to go over your potential upcoming project to determine if our expert auto electrical service providers can be of assistance. We are here and ready to help!