We’ll Keep your Car A/C Running Cold All Summer in Mackay

Car Air Conditioning — Auto Electrical in Beaconsfield, QLD
Car air conditioning not working? There are few things worse than hopping in the car on a hot summer day, turning on the a/c expecting to cool off and getting hit in the face with a blast of hot air. Ugh! Thankfully, most issues can be fixed when it comes to your vehicle's air conditioning system. While fixing a broken air conditioner can be a complex process, our experts have more than 37 years of experience in fixing car electrical systems and air conditioning in Mackay, so you can feel confident that we'll find the source of your problem and get your running cool again.

Why hire an auto electrician to fix my a/c?

While you may be tempted to try and fix your air conditioning on your own, it's not a job that most people can handle on their own. Your car's a/c system is very complex with several parts that all work together to cool and blow the air. Finding the underlying issue is difficult sometimes even for experts, and the process of fixing the problem may be an intricate process. Place the wrong part or tinker with the wrong wire, and you may end up making matters worse before they get better.

Can you fix the a/c on any vehicle?

Yes! We're trained in working on not only consumer cars and trucks, but also a wide range of commercial, recreational and industrial equipment to keep it running smooth. We not only handle air conditioning systems but also a wide range of issues when it comes to car and truck electrical systems. If you're having an issue that you believe a car electrician could take care, give BA Autoelectrical a call and we'll get your running smoothly again.